Who are we?

The Children, Youth and Media Section (CYM, from the 9-10-2019) serves as a Europe-wide network for researchers and educators interested in the analysis of all kinds of media- and communication-related activities undertaken by, for, and about children and young people.


Children are people, and singular individuals and citizens. Despite this, even after decades of scholarly research, children are still in many cases treated as something exceptional,  either as ‘special’, or an afterthought, and even completely overlooked in wider analysis of media societies or media processes or ‘the population’. This leaves gaping holes of knowledge at both ends of the spectrum, by excluding a significant and large part of the population.

What is our mission?

It is our mission to create a Europe-wide, inclusive network with global sensitivity that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in a broad spectrum of media- and communication- related activities by, for and about children and young people in a mediated society.

Management Team

Chair: Bieke Zaman (KU Leuven Meaningful Interactions Lab, Leuven, Belgium)
Vice-Chair: Félix Ortega (Universidad de Salamanca, Spain)
Vice-Chair: Herminder Kaur (Middlesex University London, UK)

Communication Officer: Salome Apkhazishvili (Media and Digital Literacy Program, Chai Khana Media)

Modus operandi, Section objectives and Yearly reports can be found here at ECREA Webpage https://www.ecrea.eu/page-18232

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